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Fashioned similarly to the EBS, our Trading Platform provides the best prices for both buyers and sellers in an open and un-manipulated market. We offer live executable prices, making each trader on our ECN a market maker.

Our web-based platform uses advanced technology to provide open access to the global foreign exchange market and enables the direct trading of currencies.

  • Trade execution, and order entry.
  • Rapid-Fire Dealing - A distinct advantage in the FX market.
  • All trading activity is tracked onscreen in real time, including
    • Current open positions
    • Real-time profit and loss
    • Margin availability
    • Account balances
    • Historical transaction details.
  • Robust charting package From Aspen Graphics

Our Platform is Powered By COESfx

COESfx, Inc. is a Clearing Member of the NFA for non-exchange traded instruments (NFA ID#0314715) and CFTC registered. COESfx’ business is exclusively in the Spot (Cash) currency marketplace. The acronym “COES” stands for “Currency Order Execution System.” The Company has established a non-partisan currency trading community called, the COESfx Level I Trading Platform (COES Level I). COES Level I is the worlds’ first, truly equitable, real-time Spot (Cash) currency trading network for order execution. The Platform is comprised of a trading “front-end”, a suite of decision-support applications (including: news, charting and 3rd party commentary) and complete back office and clearing services. COES Level I was inspired by the Nasdaq® Small Order Execution SystemSM (SOESSM).

COESfx has established “liquidity agreements” with several institutions, including large “Tier I” banks to provide continuous liquidity for all  currencies in the system. Since COESfx does not operate a trading desk and does not act as market-maker, traders on COES Level I have direct access to “best-bid/best offer” quotes directly from the price providers. All quotes on the system are live and available for instant execution. Now, through COES Level I, anyone can trade electronically and/or make markets in major currencies via their personal computers from anywhere in the world, with direct access to the best possible pricing. A Trader’s order is routed into a central network and combined with other trader’s orders to create a truly open and unbiased marketplace. Traders deal directly with the Trading Platform and orders are not brokered by a proprietary trading desk. COESfx combines unprecedented access to executable prices with the world’s largest financial market.

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