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Welcome to our support department

In this section we strive to ensure your satisfaction and understanding of the COES Level 1 Platform and The Forex Market.

FAQ - A list of frequently asked questions to help you get started

Forex? - An explanation of what trading on the Forex Market is like and what to expect

The Pro's & Con's - A successful trader is one who understands the risks associated with trading currencies.

Training - It's online and its free. Classes are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am to 11am eastern standard time

Tutorials - Interactive tutorials design to give the beginner a visual aide to enhance there understanding of the basic functions of our platform

Tools - Get everything you need to stay informed, in touch and stay connected

FX History - An overview of how the currency market cam into being

FX Glossary - Terms and there definitions commonly used in the Forex market

Currency Codes - Currencies symbols from around the world

Platform Manuals - A downloadable PDF file with detailed instructions

World Time Zones - Keep track of market openings and closing around the world

New Account Assistance - Help with establishing a new account

Additional Online Resources

National Futures Association - Home of the regulatory body governing Foreign Exchange trade in the United States. - A very comprehensive listing of trading resources and financial institutions.


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